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7 March 2019

Grana Padano Cheese

Thanks to its raw materials, Grana Padano has great nutritional qualities. Grana Padano’s versatility allows it to adapt to various dietary needs. Every bite of Grana Padano provides the perfect blend of nutrients. Just one portion of Grana Padano contains a high concentration of proteins: Leucine, Lysine, Phenylalanine and Tyrosine, to name a few. Additionally, [...]
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6 March 2019

Macchina da caffè a cialde CIAO

“Ciao” la nuova “piccola-grande” macchina da caffè espresso a cialde è la soluzione ideale per la casa: forme innovative ed accattivanti, dimensioni ridotte, cuore 100% Spinel. Click here to read more
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5 March 2019

Gluten Free Pasta Riscossa

Three selections of classic pasta, tasty for everyone yet designed especially for those who must follow a gluten-free diet. Made with rice flour and brown rice, corn and quinoa, Riscossa gluten-free pasta has a great taste and has excellent nutritional properties. Quinoa, in particular, is nutritious, rich in minerals and has a high protein content. [...]
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4 March 2019

Dual Power Laundry and washing machine

Fragranced liquid laundry starch to make ironing faster and easier, even the most awkward items. Its rice starch formula penetrates deep down into the fibres and revitalises fabrics leaving them smelling nice and clean. Click here to read more
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19 February 2018

Cod. ZIME01 – Alagna Zibibbo

An elegant dessert wine. Bes t if served wid1 biscuits, cakes and dry sweets. Se1veat 12-WC Ideal with simple and light dishes, it is excellent with the traditional cuisine of the region of Emilia. Amazing with spicy dishes, grilled meat and pizza. Click here for more informations
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17 February 2018


Among the first Pugliesi cellars to produce, from 1982 onwards, a sparkling wine according to the traditional method with bottle fermentation, our Classic Method is distinguished by its particular finesse. Click here for more informations
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Cod. GR09 – GRIFO Dry

Careful selection of the clusters, manual grape harvest, soft pressing, must clarification, fermentation at a controlled temperature with the addition of selected yeasts. Click here for more informations
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