26 June 2022

Cod. JSA02 – Wine Jac Pinotage 14°

Well structured, yet elegant and soft with lingering notes of juicy fruit and harmoniously balanced oak. The wine is a true reflection of South African Pinotage. Click here fore more informations
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24 June 2022

Cod. GR19 – GRIFO Pampanuto

Pampanuto is one of the most important and recognized white grape varieties of Puglia. The wine has a yellow color, tending to greenish. Click here fore more informations
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23 June 2022

Gluten Free Pasta Riscossa

Three selections of classic pasta, tasty for everyone yet designed especially for those who must follow a gluten-free diet. Made with rice flour and brown rice, corn and quinoa, Riscossa gluten-free pasta has a great taste and has excellent nutritional properties. Quinoa, in particular, is nutritious, rich in minerals and has a high protein content. [...]
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16 June 2022

Macchina da caffè a cialde CIAO

“Ciao” la nuova “piccola-grande” macchina da caffè espresso a cialde è la soluzione ideale per la casa: forme innovative ed accattivanti, dimensioni ridotte, cuore 100% Spinel. Click here to read more
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